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About Us

"Locally Grown" Montana Action Films 

Welcome to Kung Pao Pictures! We make fun action movies! Our mission is to make internationally popular ACTION movies in Montana through creative financing, grants and use of local crew, cast and locations. 

Our Story

 Kung Pao Pictures was founded in Montana by Missoula native Davy Williams in 2019 when he returned from overseas. He lived and was an actor and TV personality in China for many years (hence the name "Kung Pao Pictures") before honing his acting and writing skills in LA for a few years and then moved back to Missoula full time. Kung Pao Pictures films are primarily action based with a touch of the Orient: Kung Fu, a little Mandarin thrown in for fun, etc. Of course almost no films are successful without a top notch director and Hollywood talent, so our team needs your support (financial support and contributions) to help us bring those elements to our films!

Meet The Team

Our Films:
Chinese Speaking Vampires,  I Am Vengeance, Slant Streets, A Life Lived, Ask Me To Dance, American History X, Taken

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